Traveling Out-of-Province? Don’t forget travel insurance!

12/06/2011 by

Whether you are planning a vacation out of Canada for a few weeks or just plan to go across the border to do some shopping, please be aware of the limitations provided by OHIP, should you require medical care.

The following two questions and answers are taken directly from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

Question 1.When I travel outside of Canada, will OHIP pay the same medical expenses that are covered in Ontario?

No.  If you are a resident of Ontario and you are insured under OHIP, you are entitled to very limited funding for a limited range of medical services when you are travelling outside of Canada.

Question 2. Should I obtain additional insurance coverage for my absence from Canada?

Yes.  The ministry strongly recommends that you do, whether you are absent from Canada for a few minutes or for an extended time.  OHIP does not insure or pay for all out-of-country medical services.  Also, the amount of funding provided by OHIP will not usually cover the full cost of any health services that you do obtain outside of Canada.  You should therefore, obtain supplementary health insurance from a private insurance company to provide you with additional coverage during your absence.  It is also recommended that you understand the terms and conditions of the additional insurance coverage you have purchased and the implications of any pre-existing health conditions on your insurance coverage.  To obtain private insurance contact a private insurance company of your choice.


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